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Decade of Awesome

I may be the only one who cares about half of this stuff, but I feel the need to start keeping a list, because the 20teens is shaping up to be the BEST EVER for awesome comebacks.  Let's see...I'll start with "kind of awesome" and work my way up.

  • They're bringing back the good storyline/characters (meaning Han Solo, hellooooo) from Star Wars

  • JEM and the Holograms - The original was kinda bad, and I guess they're making a movie, but I'm most excited about the comic because I dig the style so much!

  • They're bringing back the Powerpuff Girls!

  • They brought back Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and it wasn't too shabby at ALL!

  • They're making a new Peanuts movie (with original material, not just a reworking of all of Schulz's lines like almost every animated iteration ever.  GASP)

  • A new Lion King sequel, of sorts.  Now with 100% more lions.  (Did not care much for 1.5 D: )  Okay, so it's made for a very young audience, but I'm crossing my fingers that there will be some awesome things about it.  Simba and Nala have more dumb male offspring, but at least Kiara isn't retconned. :D

  • They brought back My Little Pony (as well as the Littlest Pet Shop brand) and made it pretty darn awesome

  • Pokemon is awesome again!  It might as well be a reboot. :D

  • THE X-FILES, WHAT, OMFG -- I am Netflix Binge Watcher (as well as faithful reader of the recent comic book reboot), and you're very, very, very, very welcome!!!!  (Come into my hoommmee, David & Gillian...Okay, sorry, that's creepy.)

  • DIGIMON (needs no explanation.  Certainly the most unexpected of all!!!!)

It's an amazing time to be a fan. I wonder if I'm missing something??  I know some of y'all are Sailor Moon fans, but I never really watched that back in the day (or now), so I can't comment.

But the number of reboots these days in general seems kind of astounding.  Who are all these "They"s, and I wonder how much of their decision-making is being driven by newer ways of collecting and analyzing data?  (The capability is ubiquitious, so there's no excuse not to take advantage of it.  I certainly hope data is driving a lot of it.  ...Says the Data Analyst, self-aware consumer of media and willing taker of surveys. XD)  The cynic would probably complain that new creativity is being stifled.  Even if it were, I honestly couldn't care less when there's a gleaming list like the aboved dangled in front of me (X3)...But in fact, I think we're actually getting more of EVERYTHING, with the bar to entry being lowered; e.g., YouTube.  I am A-OK with More Content.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to tear myself away from the screen and go make dinner. ^_^;



Mar. 26th, 2015 03:00 pm (UTC)
I don't think I ever watched the show, but as soon as I read about X-Files I thought about you, so YAY, glad that's exciting news (and that Digimon and Pokemon are still so high on the list-- otherwise you'd be in trouble XD). And wow, you're right-- so many things! May be a combination of data (my ego likes to tell me that never shutting up about Digimon helped contribute in some small way-- HAHAHA yeah right but hmm, maybe??) and the fact that millennials are calling a lot of the shots now, and everyone knows our generation is unoriginal, blinded by nostalgia, and only interested in things from our childhood, right? (KIDDING! I think our generation gets a bad rap sometimes, but the "theys" who are saying that probably don't matter much anyway XD). I think the real reason this "formula" of reboots and continuations seems to be working is that a lot of this stuff is being made by people who ACTUALLY CARE-- or at least try to capture the essence of/give new dimensions to these older franchises, and the final product isn't just being phoned in for the $$ (even if that's-- SIGH-- what it's all really about). And there's still a lot of original stuff out there too-- most of Cartoon Network's primetime lineup (... right?), and I HAVE been really impressed with the most recent Disney movies. Not to mention short films, student films, all of it so accessible these days, AND it gets to be more of a two-way street-- but yeah, a LOT of good stories and good characters to be discovered (and rediscovered) right now, and that's totally awesome :)

I WISH Sailor Moon Crystal fell more into that camp. It's not different enough from the manga to be all that interesting to me, and the places they DID decide to change it doesn't add much except more tropes and melodrama. Oh Toei, you make me nervous... but, I digress.
Mar. 27th, 2015 02:40 am (UTC)
Bahaha~ The entire series is on Netflix. ^o^ Actually, the husband and I watched the pilot episode of The X-Files on a whim one year around Halloween ("Oh, that old show? Okay, hmm") and we quickly fell completely in love with it. So we're an entirely new generation of fans made possible by Netflix! <3 (Seriously, Scully and Mulder are epically wonderful characters, despite the fact that they're infamous enough to have Tropes named after them...)

To be honest, Digimon and X-Files are neck-and-neck for me, but Digimon gets an edge for a few reasons: (1) I actually watched it on its first run, so the Nostalgia Factor is authentic; (2) As mentioned, it's so completely unexpected that I can't get over it; (3) Aged-up characters is GREAT for Digimon, but maybe an inconvenience for X-Files at this point. Darn real-life actors... (4) I actually almost hyperventilated when I heard about Digimon...Hm, I think that actually trumps all. Ignore 1-3... XD

If you're right (and I have a feeling you are), I wonder how we ended up getting more "people who care" in positions of power in the entertainment industry? Increased competition? A generation who grew up with all of the options that cable TV and VHS rentals (lol) had to offer? Increased competition for viewership has also surely had an influence. Why would I (or even my dumb (hyphothetical) kids) watch something mundane when there are 5 other things that look equally visually appealing but can make me feel something?

Which recent Disney films would you recommend? I find them hard to keep up with since they made the shift to CGI (but oh, that reminds me -- I did forget something in my list: Toy Story!). I really liked Bolt and Wreck-it Ralph, though.

When faith in humanity is shaken (see: today in the news), at least there's cartoons the human creative spirit to love and celebrate. *hugs everything*

Happy birthday, btw!!! Your gift is going to be late at this point. ^-^;;
Mar. 28th, 2015 05:47 am (UTC)
We uh... actually don't have Netflix right now, oops

That's a good question! I'm sure you're hitting at least some (if not all) of the nails on the head-- and the result is there definitely seems to be a trend of the people with money giving the people with pencils (er, tablet styli and word processors) more creative freedom, which means everybody wins. I suppose a lot of this discussion about "people who care" is a case of counting chickens before they hatch; even with all the right people on board, a series/movie/piece of media can still fall flat (when Futurama got un-cancelled, for example, basically all of the same writers, voice actors, and staff came back, but somehow it was never quite as funny-- at least for me), so maybe there's some element of alchemical je ne sais quoi that goes on as well. But optimism! Optimism always!

I was trying to think of what else Disney Animation has put out this decade besides Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6, but I guess that's it (Tangled was in 2010?? Huh). I tend to count Pixar as a separate entity, even though it's technically not :) I did like Wreck-It Ralph quite a bit, and Big Hero 6 was good too! Though I guess Frozen 2 is a thing that's happening now-- not sure if that universe is big or interesting enough to warrant a sequel, but it's not like Disney has never played the sequel game before! XD

And I suppose the thing I need to remember is that even if a reboot or remake is "bad," it can still brings people into the fandom, and that's still a win. More people to squee with (or argue with), which all goes to feed the data machines somewhere down the line... yup, it all ties together XD

Also: Aaaa thanks, but you didn't need to! (o///o)