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Allies [A Digimon Tamers Fanmix]

I did another fanmix. :P

I normally just upload these onto 8tracks these days with little fanfare, but special fandoms are a different matter.  Here are lyrics selections and the whole shebang. <3

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WOW cuz I'm such a dork and apparently this little gem was published a long time ago, but I just found it.  (I've even searched Youtube for this kind of thing, LOOKING for it...TAGS, people!)


Science is cool

Okay, so there's at least one person on my friends' list who may get a kick out of this.  So here it is. ((hides))  The scribbled text is just...I don't even know.  Last-minute feelings-onto-page.  XD;;


So I haven't cared about Pokemon in years like I suddenly do again right now.  X & Y is super...good.  The game's great, and now I find the anime is pretty good too. >_<  Not gonna lie, the animation is really beautiful and the battles look amazing.  It's about time they had a reboot that was actually worth following.

It's been what, 15 freaking years since I was watching the first season on Saturday mornings and shipping Ash & Misty like the preteen little girl I was?!?

Aaaaand now.  Part of me is deeply disturbed and kind of angry that somehow Ash is still the same freaking age he was 15 years ago, yet he talks like allll kinds of time has passed -- He and his Pikachu go waaaaay back together, and all that impossible nonsense.  And this season, they're trying to set up the main female character as Ash's love interest.  But it's obviously one-sided, 'cuz all Ash cares about is STILL Pokemon.  (Yup.  Figures.)

And yet.  I find myself shipping a less popular pairing.  They call it.... *looks back and forth warily*... Diodeshipping.  Ash x Clemont.  Someprettycuteboys'lovethinghere.

This is Clemont, the super adorkable sciency nerd gym leader.  He has all kinds of cool gadgets.

Clemont also has an adorable little sister.

Whenever Clemont brings out one of his inventions, Ash gets this look on his face.
"Wow, Science is SO COOL!"

Totally real screenshot. ^_^

In the 9th episode, Clemont gives this huge speech to his father about how much fun he's had, how much he's laughed and cried and learned to face his own fears and gotten so "in touch with himself" (direct quote there) since he met Ash, and how traveling with Ash is just something he -has to do-.  Um.  9 episodes in, people!  The episode is called "Clemont's Got a Secret!"  I'm not sure that's only referring to the fact that he's a gym leader...Just saying...

I'm on board this ship!

God...make it stop.  I'm getting too old for this crap. oT^To

Fanmix: TwiLoveYou(Too)!

This is a companion piece, of sorts, to this fanmix. I don't normally ship the "mane 6" ponies, but that mix kinda influenced my MLP fandom in its early days. ^_^  I've always wanted to fill in the "Twilight Sparkle" gap, and I've finally gotten it together.  Hope this one does the original concept justice!

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[Fanmix] X-Files - ?

Title: ?: An X-Files Trance/Dance Mix
Fandom: The X-Files
Theme: General; Trance & Dance music
Notes: So a good amount of credit for this one actually goes to my husband.  Somehow he picked out the X-Files-iest songs from his mega mountain of trance music and got the seed growing in my head for a fanmix.  This is actually only the first of several X-Files mixes I've got planned.  I wanted to get this one out in time for Halloween!  Bwah!  Every song has a trance/dance/electronic beat, so uh...Maybe you can dance to it!  If you want.  In theme, it runs the full spectrum of aliens, paranoia, secrets and existential fears.  No shipping (but there will be plenty of that in upcoming mixes).  Included are two remixes of the show's theme song, but hopefully the rest will be something new and surprising. :)  Also, as usual, I totally went overboard on the cover art.  I couldn't decide which "question" would make the best title for this mix, so I pulled a whole bunch of them out of the lyrics and stuck them on there.  I'm usually heavy on the lyric selections in these posts, but I'll let this sampling suffice.  Please listen closely and experience for yourself. ;)

DL .zip

1. Cryingfreemen - Space Invaders Are Back
2. DJ Dado - X-Files Theme (Dado Paranormal Activity Mix)
3. Pet Shop Boys - Psychological (Alter Ego Remix)
4. Atma - We Will Rise Again
5. Paninaro - I'm Not Scared (Frequency Beat Mix)
6. Microscan - Take Your Radio With U
7. Armin van Buuren feat. Lauren Evans - Alone
8. Ectima - Insufferable User
9. DJ Dado - X-Files Theme Remix (Extended Night)


Oh dear lord Pokemon.

I've been (perhaps fatally) bitten by the Pokemon bug.  The new X & Y versions release tomorrow for the 3DS.  Problem is, I don't have a 3DS.  I don't play games very much at all anymore.  Heck, I hardly play games (except for Words With Friends) on my phone.  BUT...POKEMON.

Now, I'm not a die-hard fan by any means, but I've at least partially played a game from every generation, from the beginning right up until now.  (Well, Black 2 and White 2 don't count.)  I was captivated by the Blue Version at age 11.  Along with many others of my generation, I just feel like Pokemon has been fused into my blood and it's always going to be there.  When I see new designs, I get excited.  Cute designs? Super excited.  A new Eevee evolution?  Super duper excited.

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Title: Kid Voices; Adult Voices
Fandom: Loveless
Tracks: 10
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My Life as a Teenage Robot

OMG.  So apparently this has been available on DVD since late 2011 and I totally missed it.


If you don't know it, it was a brilliant cartoon on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s.  It was actually one of the few things I ever RPed for...A 'net friend and I had a very long "Mary Sue" thing going in which we kidnapped the teenage male character (not the Robot; she's the female lead) and forced him on a grand road trip. XD  Ah, he was a cutie.  No shame, no shame.

And this series was just gorgeous in so many ways.  I'm definitely buying the first season, but I can't actually recall if I've seen the rest, so I may hold off.

Time to breathe a sigh

I've FI-NAL-LY finished all film media content of The X-Files. This includes the entire series and both films. (Happily for me, there is still book and comic content to consume.) But why is this a big deal? I can *finally* go and enjoy all the fanworks I want without worrying about spoilers! It's so hard trying to avoid them for a series that was mega-popular with so much time now elapsed. I must admit I was not entirely successful in shielding myself from the spoilers. I learned all kinds of things I did not want to know yet in visiting DeviantArt, looking for fanmixes, etc. A fan needs to fuel the fire, you know?? But, I learned that it was not the end of the world to know things in advance -- because really, I don't think I enjoyed watching it any less. :) :)

It's not a perfect show and I have plenty of gripes with how certain things were handled (but that's what the fanworks are for). It's been an amazing ride, and something my husband and I have shared a passion for. He wants to watch the whole thing again, but I think I need some time. Plus, as much as I love any one series, I'm starting to question the value of watching the same thing multiple times when there are so many other things I will never get to in one lifetime. On the other hand, it's worthwhile to spend my time doing things I find enjoyment in, isn't it?

All I know is that every time I go to the livejournal homepage, I see a close-up photo of cookies and it makes me want them soo bad. I don't have any cookies. Curses.