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Ketsui braindump

In case anyone cares, here are the thoughts I scribbled down furiously after each of the 4 parts of Digimon Adventure Tri: Ketsui!


-I fanboy'ed a little over Leomon and Ogremon, ngl

-Mimi's haaaaaatttt and outttfiiitttt

-Dear god, the fanservice

-!!! I like the fanservice =3=

-Antics!  Antics galore!  (Not sure how I feel about that, but that's largely what happened in this episode, hahah)

-Pff Koushiro you dummy.  Mimi generally does have good taste, though, so you can't go wrong. :p

-Takari shout-out, woot woot (I guess?)

-Something's gotta give here with Joe, and I think it's gonna be soon.  Poor Gomamon.

-Meicoomon is at Champion level (although hey, it's nice that they kept the "child"/"adult" terminology in the subs)!  Meicoomon is also really cute.  And so is Meiko, tbh.  Again, she should annoy me, but...she doesn't.

-Mysterious government people are ex'es, hm?  Is their history significant or will it just be played for lulz?  Obviously they still have some tension so we'll see where that goes.

-I like that Sora is being more involved, and it's cool that she interacts with Koushiro now.  That used to be one of the character combos that never really happened...like, ever.  (Now, inevitably, I expect to see some people ship it just because they share screen time...but I hope not, 'cuz I just want them to be bros.  I think of them as the Keep Taichi In Check Team. XD  But Taichi still gonna do what Taichi wants and brood about Yamato rrgh this is not the ship fodder I want, but I sincerely hope Taito fangirls are having their fun over this :)


-Augh more tropes more tropes

-Really?  That kind of thing is popular in America?  Because it seems like the kind of thing that's popular (in a niche sort of way, of course) in Japan…Unless maybe this "DATER'S" thing is supposed to be modeled on Hooters, or something?  ...Actualy, maybe it is. XD;

-Okay I REALLY LOVE MIMI.  I don't think I've appreciated her so much in the past.  When she was a KID, she came off more as selfish and annoying, like she was just not mature enough to put aside childish impulses.  However, now that she's closer to grown up, we can see that she has examined her own behavior and CHOSEN to be straightforward.  You go, girl!

-Is it wrong that I want to ship Mimi and Meiko, maybe just a little bit?

-Whoa, Koushiro!  Well, I'm really happy he's being straightforward as well, instead of putting some kind of halo over Mimi's head.  YES.

-This is apparently The One Where Everyone Dumps Their Feelings and Opinions, and I'm kind of fine with that.  Thanks for saying what everyone was thinking about Joe, Yamato.

-I think Leomon has the same voice from the original series, if I'm not mistaken.  Yay!

-Ohhhh Mimi and Jooooeee, sweet babies.  T-T I really liked that they had that conversation.  ...Such as it was.  I wonder, what was the point of having Hikari overhear that?  Maybe we'll see…


-Awgh, I really love Hikari's sweater in the scene where she's talking to Taichi in their room. <3  And okay, I guess that's the reason they had her listening?  …So she could prod her brother to do something about Joe? (shrug)

-::Gasp:: Nooo, Gomamon!!  Well, I don't blame him, really…

-I like Koushiro's Koi shirt.  A lot. =w=

-Okay, they got me.  I'm becoming interested in the history between Nishijima and Himekawa…Childhood friends, now, eh?

-Er…um, yeah, I think I'm starting to ship Mimi and Meiko.  What can I say…They are SO adorable together.  And they're bringing out the best in each other like whoa, which is honestly the basis for most of my ships, so there.

-The above reasoning re: shipping is probably why I'm not so into Taito.  That animosity thing doesn't do it for me.  But again, there seems to be a lot to love here for those who ARE into it, so color me amused, at least. :3

-::Sigh:: It's kind of painfully obvious sometimes that they had a low-ish animation budget.  I mean c'mon.  Our gals are supposed to be entertaining, and instead the viewers get a slideshow?

-Dammit Koushiro, why do you have to be so heterosexual??  Stop ruining my headcanon! ::sobs forever::

-I've been having trouble figuring out whether Meicoomon is supposed to be a boy or a girl, but I guess the "-chan" says "girl," and now Leomon's smitten with her, too.  Well, she IS a super cutie pie, so I can't blame him.  I thought Tailmon kinda getting into Leomon's lap was weird, though. O_o

-Is Takeru into Meiko or something?  If so, he's playing it really cool.  But he DOES seem to be paying an inordinate amount of attention to her.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, or he's just trying to be nice and meet lots of people, like he is apt to do.


-Gwaaaahhhh ~ Joe and Gomamon have always had the depeest Human-Digimon relationship in this show, and this latest installment does NOT disappoint.  Friggin-- UGH!  Even if they disagree and don’t want to talk about it, they GET each other.  They NEED each other.

-Gasp!  They acknowledged Ken Ichijouji!  But Takeru used "aitsu" implying distance… And Imperialdramon is under his control - whut?  STILL SO MANY QUESTIONS.
-I really liked seeing Hikari confront Joe.  Now I guess it makes sense that they showed her overhearing the earlier conversation.  She's quiet, sensitive and astute - and the only one who has really been keeping tabs on this boiling tension.  And so the youngest (I think) and the oldest Digidestined meet head-to-head, and Joe is taken down a peg because age doesn't matter. :>

-MEGAS MEGAS MEGAAAAS.  ::fangasm::  Although it's a little dumb that they all just shrug it off, like, "Oh I've never seen that before [but wouldn't it have come in handy back during some of our other important fights?]."  Hey, this is getting me to think, though - Joe and Mimi get megas once they've "grown up" and solidified parts of their personalities.  Maybe that's kind of supposed to be a requisite condition for Mega, and Taichi/Yamato got theirs too early?  (Or maybe just Taichi -- He seems unable to reconcile something here.  And he's the one who "pulled out" (XD;) of the Jogress evolution in the previous installment.)

-Okay, now I remember why I always sorta shipped Joe and Mimi.  (I didn't really ship them hard, but I assumed they would make a good pair and kinda figured they would end up together, or something.)  I really like how they've always seemed to "get" each other.  It seems their connection continues to evolve (no pun intended...really.). :)

-Oh DAMN.  (Just…everything after The Day Was Saved.)

-Obviously Meicoomon was Important from the start.  But whyyyyyy and whaaaaat is going on?  Come back, sweet baby kitty!! T_T

Overall thoughts:
Okay, so tropey things were tropey, but fortunately, they were mostly used as a backdrop to get the characters to interact in interesting ways.  Yay!  There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but we're only 1/3 of the way in, supposedly, so that's to be expected.  After seeing how they handled the focus on Mimi and Joe in this movie, I'm feeling optimistic about the character development we'll get for the others in future installments.  ...Also, I really kind of want a Meicoomon plushie. XD;


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Mar. 14th, 2016 12:22 am (UTC)
Of COURSE someone cares, silly! XD

I KNOW, RIGHT?? I fanboy'ed a little bit over Leomon and Ogremon too. And Primary Village! *sobs* Ugh, what's going on in the Digital World right now I really hope we get to see more of it T^T

LOL yeah geez, 5 million tropes and fanservicy moments. I would have been OK with it if it wasn't so... blatant? Digimon has always had a little bit of fanservice going on, and I like that this time it was the girls invading the boys' space (kind of a twist and multiplication by 50 of the time Tai and Izzy walked in on Mimi in the bath XD) I think I saw a post on Tumblr about shirtless Taichi being the best-dressed character in Ketsui and... um, no comment XD;;;;;;

And Sora-Koushiro uniting as bros/Team Keep Taichi In Check: I love it!! Yeah, they never interacted much in the original series, did they? Neither did Hikari and Jyou! But they're making up for it now-- HOORAY!!!

That cowboy hat on Mimi... <3 And ugh, I liked that Hikari outfit toooooooo~! But all of her clothes look like they're going to be super-hard to find real-life replicas of. HIKARI WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME AND YET UNOBTAINABLE FASHION SENSE?? DX And the Koi shirt. That thing is taking some flak elsewhere but no, I'm with you. It's loud, yet awesome (where did he get it, though? One of his online purchases? XD)

Taichi pulled out... OMG XD Honestly, I don't dig the continued animosity between these two all that much. I mean... I feel like usually it doesn't last this long? I just want them to be friends again. Friends with punches. T^T

Mar. 25th, 2016 03:28 am (UTC)
You're right; Hikari and Joe never interacted much before, either! Wtg, Tri! *clap clap clap*

Yeah, come to think of it, I guess I'd be lying if I said I didn't dig the animosity thing sometimes. I mean. Our War Game. That shirt-grabbing part. o///o 'Nuff said. But yeah, there needs to be a balance. The Taichi & Yamato tension is getting weird. I kind of just want a resolution already! Instead, they keep acting weird mostly in the background, and it seems like it's going to be dragged out for awhile. I'm glad other characters get to take center stage. But friggin'...urgh!
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