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Thank you Crunchyroll Thank you thank you thank you thank you; please take all my money, you deserve it!!! *___*
*Ahem* So after preparing myself (Subscribing to Crunchyroll, setting it up on my TV, listening to old Digimon music, waiting until I was home alone so I could do all the squealing and pausing I needed to do) I WATCHED DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI ~SAIKAI~ TODAY!!!

Sorry for the format - Copy-paste wasn't friendly to this, but I don't want to take the time to add all the carriage returns back in. ^~^;

Part 1
That's about --- That's about all I can say right now, like WOW
LMFAO at his teammates showing off for Hikari
I want to try the dessert Hikari described
I love how she plays Taichi to get something she wants HAHA she's still the same kid, that's for sure
YAMATO YOU DORK Ahhhhhhh what a great "bro" scene.  I can't even XDDD
Poor tortured Taichi -- "Friends I can't see anymore" Bwaghghghh
Of COURSE the first Digimon to appear is Kuwagamon!! *writhes*
(This is where I paused, and then -- )
"I just thought I'd ask you just in case" (OH SURE -- Ok, stfu, stupid shipping-part-of-my-brain)
Why is it, like, the same time of day in both Japan and NYC? XD;;
HAHA MIMI IS STILL THE SAME AS EVER TOO (Is Sora the only girl who doesn't use her feminine wiles to get things she wants?  Wait, it's too early to tell, I think...)
Koushirou, you're so accommodating. >_>
HAH, now cue the riots from Takari shippers...! XD
POOR JOE.  I THINK HE WANTS TO GO.  I really want to see Joe just chuck it for once and go out and play with the other kids. ;_;  (I think maybe he was considering it, since his hard work so far hasn't gotten him where he wants to be, apparently!)
Oh, bold move there, Taichi!  Of course Sora is going to the concert... o_o!
OH, but they're not at the same time?  GO SORA GO!!  I'm kinda loving this version of Sora!!
Ok, I kind of really like Yamato and Takeru's relationship maybe more than I thought I did. XDD Hi-larious.
No comment on the mysterious new characters yet.
Although, I have to wonder why nobody tried to invite Daisuke et. al. to either of these events.  Have they been wiped from everyone's memory or something?

Part 2
Ok yeah, I have one nitpick with the "Butter-fly" translation.  Wasn't it always "ON my love"??  I'm pretty sure it was, and I'm choosing to believe that this version is transcribed incorrectly.
"EVOLUTION" in all different languages in the Digivice.  LOVE ITTT
Names: "Gatomon" and "Biyomon" -- Well, okay then, lol. :|  I'm just glad they left the human characters' names intact!
Okay, I love how "real" all of the destruction seems this time around.  It's a little different than the cartoonish screams and running away from the original series...or maybe that's just a sub vs. dub thing.
OK the CGI in the evolution sequence STILL looks a little silly.  But, y'know, welcome back anyway, GREYMON!
Um, why does Hikari have a duck on her phone?  How about a white kitty cat at the very least? XP  (Sora knows how to rock her phone in the right style!)
Okay, the CGI is *starting* to grow on me, and hey, it's egalitarian CGI.  CGI for all Digis! XD  They look so cooooool!  It looks like pandering, but it's coooool!!
I hope Tailmon eventually gets to digivolve. :)
Omg Mimi I love you.  Gummy worms... That driving chick is like "Stfu, this is serious" XD
Kuwagamon's battle cries are totally, like, canned monster sounds.  It sounds just like some of the monsters in an old PS2 game I have ("War of the Monsters") XD
SAIKAI TIEM (Almost...Where's Joe?)

Part 3
Ok goddammit Koushiro likes Mimi. -_-  Well... *breathes in, breathes out* I can handle it.  Watch me handle it SO well.  HEAR THAT, WORLD??  I CAN HANDLE IT!!!  (*cries alone in a corner*)
Aw, Mrs. Yagami called them "Agu-chan" and "Tail-chan" ^____^
Our Transfer-student-san appears to meet the archetype pretty well -- Unassuming, bashful, wearing glasses and TOTALLY HAS A SECRET.
Kehehehe, Sora acting as a mediator, watching out the window for disruptive boy behavior. XDDD
Oh my -- Are we gonna get some Jyoumi as well here?  I sense a love triangle possibly brewing......... Okay, this might be kind of fun. XD
What on earth would this team do without Koushiro?  I'm digging the variation on his old bgm theme music (which was not in the dub, of course, but it was among the mp3s I had (still have))!
Pff, Hikari doesn't care.  Quiet, you interrupter!  I, for one, would like to hear what Koushiro is saying.  LOL, now no one is listening. DX  And he keeps talking. XDDD
STILL LOLing AT BIYO AND GATO (fine fine, I'll call them that...maybe, sometimes) ACTING LIKE REGULAR ANIMALS!  What is this madness?  LMFAO
Okay, and Tentomon is crying because...he's happy?  Or upset?  I can't even tell, lol.  I think upset?  Because it doesn't seem to "fit" with Koushiro's major qualities?  (Which is total bunk, of course, because I love information-gathering/anaylzing AND I love shopping for clothes and accessories -- Koushiro, you are now my confirmed extra-fav relatable character <3 <3 <3 <3)
Come to think of it, Koushiro and Takeru haven't really spent a lot of time together, have they?  Interesting that they'd choose to hang out and "go shopping" together. :)
"Taichi.  Taichi.  What are you doing?"  He's-- he's-- THINKING?  QUIETLY?  Who is this guy? ;)
Okay, I know what some people are going to say about Taichi and Yamato being angry at/obsessed with each other...Haha.
Koushiro has...An office?  Shweet!  Of course he'd be already working for some kind of American company.  Will we get to meet his colleague, I wonder?

Part 4
Ok, I'm loving all of their "street clothing" choices.  Sora still wears a sporty sweatshirt!  Mimi looks cute as hell.  I love Hikari's necklace and collar line.  Koushiro's rocking that low-V-neck sweater, and Takeru -- LOL -- "Summer Camp" XD  Taichi looks kinda military, especially now with the goggles.
So...why exactly are they bringing Transfer-student-san into their secret group?  Do they suspect her of something yet?
Blaaarrghhh we get to see almost the full-body shots of their outfits!!  Looks like it's spring or summer, I'm guessing, with the guys in cropped pants.  Haha!  Hikari's leggings are cute!!
Froyo time!!!
And pffff -- great Taichi & Koushiro moment right there.  "No, sorry, I was just hungry" XDDD
Yes, Yamato.  You're "too complicated."  Sora likes it, and Taichi resents it. XD  Nice move, Sora!!  Force them to talk to each other!
"I bet they're like caged lions" Holy crap I am loving this too much!!!!
Those spread-eagle shots from below... XD ?
I like the looks of Transfer-Student-san's kitty Digi thing.  It's kinda cute!
Okay, I kind of DON'T get what Taichi's deal is at this point.  Aren't they trying to prevent further destruction by engaging in the fight?  Does he not want to be a part of any of it anymore?
Heh - Taito shippers gonna ship.  Ngl, they definitely shared a special moment there. X3
Orchestral "Brave heart"!!  I wonder if this is on the CD?  Cuz I want it!!!
MEICOOMON afdakjaghas;kfldj  Maine Coones are, like, the noblest of fluffy kitty cats <3 <3 <3  I'M SO EXCITED, MORE KITTIES

The end


Overall impressions:

Production values:
The animation is kinda....maybe....not AS good as I expected?  The frame rate is, like, not quite as smooth as some other things these days, but hey, they did a lot with angles and outlines and really maximized what they had to work with (assuming that it WAS a budget limitation).  And compared to the original series....Well....Yeah.  It looks fantastic. XD
The evolution sequences are kinda -- eh -- Let's just say I think they were better in Tamers?  But they were pretty cool, especially when each digi curled up to go inside that egg/ball/whatever.  And the CGI started to bug me less as time went on.
The voices were great!  Nothing really stood out as being totally wrong about the casting.  Mimi didn't *quite* have the same flair that Ai Maeda-san lent to her, but it was close enough.

The characters:

I think I like how they have handled each character's growth (or lack thereof?) so far.  Here are my thoughts on each character:

Taichi - Obviously the main character here, so he gets the most focus.  Even though his newfound hesitancy can be seen as (sort of) a natural development, I'd still like to know if anything in particular happened prior to this series to make him start thinking about things the way he does now.  I'm guessing not (or if something did happen, it was a private experience not shared by the others), since everyone else (especially Yamato) is really "WTH" about Taichi's behavior.  He's still willing to cooperate (scoping things out as resident Goggle Boy), at least.  I'm glad he's not hiding in his room, being all emo (like *cough* some characters).  I do think his current mood would be better supported if there had been some actual casualties that resulted from a battle in which he partook.  They went out of the way to make the news media say "miraculously, no serious injuries," but I think it would've made more sense if there had been.  Each time Taichi flashed back to "broken cell phone on the ground," I'm going to pretend he was seeing "broken bones" or something instead...PTSD-style?  I don't wish that on Taichi (or on the nameless victims), but...I'm grasping for a real solid explanation, here?!

Yamato - He doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot.  Except that now, he finds himself on the opposite side of the war that he and Taichi have sort of been waging for years now.  That seems to be mostly a result of Taichi's shift in thinking.  What was the reason for introducing the fact that Yamato had "musical differences" with his bandmates and formed a new band?  They didn't really go into any detail about that, and I'd like to know more about it - It could help us understand more about Yamato's character now.  Did he change, or did his bandmates?

Sora - IMO, Sora really got shafted in 02.  And what they chose to show of her were the passive, girly moments.  I have to wonder if they took some of the fanbase's backlash to heart and toughened her back up a little on purpose. :)  I'm not complaining one bit -- I want to see Sora be everything at once, because girls can be girly and sporty and mature/motherly all at the same time if they want to.  Her sporty sweatshirt was a nice touch.  I love that she seemed genuinely interested in both Taichi's and Yamato's activities.  Speaking of Taichi and Yamato -- Yeah, she's pretty well wedged between them as a mediator at this point.  I think without her, their cold war would be at a total impasse.  And I'm assuming Sora is not dating either one of them during this timeline.  Perhaps she was never really dating Yamato in 02, either, just kind of...gravitating toward him for awhile.

Mimi - I...Don't think Mimi has changed much?  Has she?  Well, that's okay.  We do need someone to be the Pinkie Pie cheerleader of the group.  Maybe she's actually more interested in some technical aspects, now, given the fact that she appears to listen more to Koushiro's long explanations than she did before?  Or maybe she's just messing with him... Who knows XD

Koushiro - Ohhh, Koushiro.  He's still the same nerd (and mama's boy, a little?) that he always was, but with added features!  So, I wonder how long he has had this crush on Mimi?  It's pretty apparent, so I guess I can't deny that it's canon.  And the more I think about it, the more "Zen" I'm able to become about it.  I never liked Koumi in the past, but it really is cute to see Koushiro affected by something that is not data and not on a screen or digital in any way.  (Even though he made fashion digital for his personal convenience...which is awesome!)  I'm choosing to believe that he actually enjoys men's fashion for the sake of it, as well, and not just as a means to an end.  That would really balance out his character even more and, you know, just be super awesome!

Joe - Poor Joe, still trapped in the same cycle.  I keep wanting to see him say "screw it!" even if it's just for a little while, because!  Air!  Life!  Lunches with friends!  Gomamon!  (And apparently this mysterious girlfriend??)  The best thing he said in this whole movie was "I'm the oldest, so I deserve a chance at happiness first!" LOL!!  Keep working at it, Joe.  Ganbatte ne. =w=

Takeru - He's still kind of the same punk kid he was in 02, I think.  I like that he supports his brother's band, gives his brother a hard time sometimes, remains platonic(?) friends with Hikari, and apparently has a secret sort-of-girlfriend of his own.  (I want to meet her, too!)  I can totally see Takeru being that kind of "good kid" who takes it slow with a girl and invites her to a bunch of things and may never make the first move.  I guess we'll see if that pans out (maybe).  Also, he's apparently the Social Networker of the group, putting English skills to use.  I have to remember that Social Networking was in its infancy in 2005, so he's really kind of ahead of the trend, there.

Hikari - Not sure if she's changed much, either.  As noted above, she still also gives her brother a hard time (Takeru and Hikari are the cutest partners-in-crime when it comes to stewarding/bugging/etc. their big brothers <3 Fufufu).  Her affinity for sweets is certainly adorable.  It didn't seem like she got to do much of anything noteworthy yet.  Mostly prodded Taichi along - heh.

Meiko - Okay, I guess I'll try to stop calling her "Transfer-student-san".  She has a name, I guess. XD;  I still have to think there's more to her than just being another random Digidestined.  I presume we'll find out more as the series progresses.

So I still don't get what's supposed to be going on with the 02 cast - Okay, they got struck down by some -- thing -- at some point?
And I'm assuming they were somehow erased from everyone else's memories, since they were not mentioned once?  Well, there's plenty of time for this show to Give Us Answers about that, so I'm content waiting until next time to find out...  I'm also content focusing on the original cast tbh, but I just hope they don't drag out that explanation until the very end in a "gotcha" kind of move, because that would be dumb.

The story:

Not super tight, so far -- Seems like the basic "Digimon are emerging in the real world, oh noes" that we've seen several times already.  For some reason they're more powered up than before?  I'll give the series time to explain.  I'll bet there's something special about that Meicoomon, since it looked like she was a target in the final chase/battle scene.
It's realistic to assume there are government agents tracking Digimon activity, now (like where they went in Tamers).  So yay, points for that.  But, uh, the international community is only just now demanding answers?  The stuff that happened 6 years ago and 3 years ago would've been all over the worldwide media.  But...close enough, I guess.  They're trying. :P
Who are we kidding, though -- The story is a pretense for us to see all of these characters back in action again, so how can I really complain?? B-)
I'll be keeping this Crunchyroll subscription warm for quite some time, it looks like.  Good move, Crunchyroll.  You've got me. <3  This was still so unexpected and crazy and -- adfkjadslgjadhkdfjlhfa;dsjlka best weekend in a long, long time!!!!! ^_______^



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Nov. 24th, 2015 02:54 am (UTC)
:DDDDDD I would like to respond to this, but I think I just typed myself into a coma with my own review. I swear I'll come back and say things here, because... because... THERE'S STILL MORE TO TALK ABOUT I SWEAR AAAAH! BEST WEEKEND IN A LONG LONG TIME INDEED~!!!

EDIT: No, you know, let's just do it now!

1. "I just thought I'd ask you just in case" AGGH YES THAT WAS KIND OF THE BEST PART OF THAT SCENE XD

2. I kind of love that Sora called Koushiro. I don't know why, I just do! <3

3. Ohhh yeah, Koushiro let his mom pick out his clothes. Koushiro, you are too much! And I agree with your analysis about Takeru. He's such a Nice Boy! X3

4. Ergh, yeah, the media thing... didn't people remember 3 and 6 years ago? Eh, well, oh well, I guess :|

Edited at 2015-11-24 04:10 am (UTC)
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