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So, as detailed by citrus_cactus, last weekend was one hella fun FANDOM MARATHON WEEKEND.  I've been going to Anime Central nearly every year since...2005?  But this was the best Acen I've had in years!!! ^__^  I'm so glad you came out here for it!!  I had soooo much fun!!!

Naturally, I have to show off the highlights as well (even though I'm a little late -- It's been a busy week >_<)!

Shameless Selfie

While the majority of our pictures ended up in Citrus's possession (she had an actual camera, and also, my phone kept dying), I did manage to capture one cute selfie ("bothie"? Ugh, idk, I'm not 16):

Me as "Ashley" and Citrus as "Clemontine" XD
(I somehow managed not to get a single picture of our Digimon cosplay though?)

Mmmkay, this was all Citrus's idea, but it was an awesome idea. XD

My favorite other costumes

Damn.  I don't think I've ever seen an Arcanine before.  Some mad Furry crafting skills there.

I've meant to do a Vaporeon cosplay kind of like this one for years now... This pair looks so cute!

I don't even like babies(?), but this was ah-ma-zingly cute and clever.  Pokemon breeders!!

Why did I apparently only take pictures of Pokemon costumes?  Those are some amazingly crafted wings, though!

Oh, here's a My Little Pony (villain).

He tried to hug me (and it was kind of terrifying).

Again, I seem to have NO Digimon pictures.  Citrus, I really hope you got one of that Raidramon, not to mention the Agumon XD.

Stuff I got

All the stuff!

OF COURSE Taichi & Koushiro; they're just the best <3  (Although I'd buy all of them if I could bring myself to do it...Especially if they made all of the kids -- What gives??)

"Tsundere" is for an upcoming cosplay, shhhh.

My sister and I loooooovvvved this N64 game when we were kids.  Can't wait to show her this next time I see her!  The same artist(s) did the Over the Garden Wall charm.  (SUCH a good miniseries if you haven't seen it!)

Yeah I totes wanna frame these. <3  I respect this fan artist so much for mastering all of these different styles!

This is just the most hilarious thing to me, for whatever reason.  They're all blushing.  Even the masks and robots.  (Except for that suspicious Storm Trooper...)

Cutest Nintendo art I've seen in awhile!  I love the genderswapped Mario & Luigi.  I noticed that this artist did a nice job of incorporating women of color and of larger sizes into her art...and not that either of those really applies to me, but I somehow appreciated the way she tackled it nonetheless.

This is apparently Kuromi, the Sanrio character, in human form.  I had no idea there was such a concept (in an "official" capacity, at least), but I looooove the design!  She's adorable!  That hair!  <3

My Meowstics lovin' some McDonalds together!  Citrus bought me the female Meowstic (right), but of course I had to keep the pair together!  (And someday maybe they'll have a baby Espurr so I can reenact some of these, which are probably the real reason that I came to appreciate Meowstic so much. XD)

THESE GALS.  I haven't fully opened them yet since I'm about to move anyway, but I can't wait to display them!  I will probably spam a bunch of pics once they are truly out of their packaging.  These matching outfits are just THE CUTEST.  Even their nails are painted!  I never thought I would be into a show that actually has this kind of high-quality merch available (Oh wait -- Thanks for changing that, Digimon!!!!), but I swear...Oreimo kind of has everything, and I genuinely love it. <3

Argh, this is getting to be quite the post!  I think I'll follow up later with the notes I took on Meyers-Briggs scores vis-a-vis Pokemon Types ("Reasonably intelligent panel topics" scored a big win this year, indeed!)

This weekend is unfortunately Packing Weekend (since I'm moving to a different part of the city...again), but there shall be more Convention Weekends in the future!


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May. 24th, 2015 04:24 am (UTC)
NGGGH I LOVE EVERYTHING I'm so glad I did it and I'm really glad you had such a good time too~~ <3

OK first of all: "bothie." ROTFL YES. If that's not what those are officially called, we should start a petition to make it official XD

Ohhh, that's right, you did get the Sunflora print! I'm glad one of us did, because it was too adorable! Blushy Chewbacca is still kinda the cutest thing ever (but yeah, what IS up with that Stormtrooper?? Is he sad because Darth Vader-sempai didn't notice him? DX) And yup, definitely a wise choice on Kirino and Kuroneko; they still look soooo goooood X3 Kinda makes me wish I had bought more on Friday (Utena-samaaaaaaaa!) ^^;

And worry not! This week has been busy trying to catch up with real life again, but I did get through some more photo cleanup and I definitely have Raidramon, Agumon AND our Digimon cosplay. Clemontine's got you covered (er, well, on THAT front, anyway XD;)

May. 25th, 2015 12:24 am (UTC)
"Notice me sempai" Storm Trooper? Okay, that kind of made my day. XDDD

I knew Clemontine would anticipate a situation exactly like this one! Why else would she take photos? X3
May. 25th, 2015 11:15 am (UTC)
Raidramon, what? WHAT?!? I need these Digimon pics.

XDDDD That Star Wars mug is just... I have no words for it.
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