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(Don't) Wake Me Up If I'm Dreaming


No matter how much evidence is thrown in my face, a part of me STILL CAN'T BELIEVE this is actually happening.  How much more proof do I need?  Is this poster enough??  I don't know?!?

I do know that I'm in love with it, though.  I really, really, really like the designs.  I mean, they somehow MANAGED to find a compromise for Taichi's hair -- It looks like it could exist in real life, but it STILL LOOKS LIKE TAICHI'S HAIR.  Why does Mimi have the same school uniform as the others?  Did she move back to Japan?  Why on earth do they all apparently ATTEND the same high school? :|  Will the next poster feature a tonado of Digimon falling through the atmosphere?  (Maybe that's what Hikari is looking at?? XD)  Why did they have to make me fall BACK in love with Taichi (IF ONLY 12-YEAR-OLD ME COULD HAVE KNOWN)??  Will there be new Character Songs??  What will the theme song be like??  SO MANY QUESTIONS.  I think this means my subconscious is finally buying into it.  IT'S REAL.  IT'S HAPPENING.  AND IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, HOLY CRAP.

Oh, but there ARE a few answers, concerning the staff: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/12/14/character-images-of-new-digimon-adventure-series-released-expected-to-air-in-spring-2015/

I'm not familiar with these names, but I'm pleased that the character designer is the same as for Oreimo, which is similarly quite pleasing to look at -- No wonder! ^__^

One other thing I have to comment on: I think we can all safely assume that we (adults) are in the target age group this time around.  Anyone who watched the original back in its day would have to be (*counts*) OLD by now. ;) ;)  And they're aiming this at us!!!  How will this be different, I wonder?  Good?  Bad?  (I'm not really worried.  Right now, I'm optimistic that they are going to treat these characters with appropriate reverence.)

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, I was still in the appropriate age bracket -- at the very upper end -- in 1999, but I continued to spend years and years living in this world...welllllll beyond that.  I just KNEW there was something special about these characters that I couldn't let go of.  They spoke to me at age 12...14...17, 20, 25...and beyond...and sometimes I began to wonder about myself.  Do I feel some amount of vindication today?  Mmmmayyyybeeeee. ;D



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Dec. 17th, 2014 11:53 am (UTC)
You probably saw my thoughts posted over on Citrus_Cactus' post, so I'll reply to a few of your comments here:

I mean, they somehow MANAGED to find a compromise for Taichi's hair -- It looks like it could exist in real life, but it STILL LOOKS LIKE TAICHI'S HAIR.

Whoamigosh, you're right. o__o

I think it's probably pretty safe to say that Mimi's back in Japan (though I am okay with her being in a long-distance relationship with Michael or something--but only if he and the world wide digi-destined are only honorably mentioned, you know?).

CHARACTER SONGS!!! O___O You've just lit a new fire of hope within me! I wonder how many of the old VAs will be back? If their participation in the anniversary events is anything to go by, looks like we'll have the usual themesong singers and Agumon and Gabumon back, but what of the others?? Taichi's voice is the one I wonder about most.

I agree we're probably the target group, which is great--but I really hope they won't just make it a "here's where we just flesh out everything the epilogue especially the romantic relationships because apparently you all didn't believe us" drama fest, assuming that we all care more about romance than about battles between good and evil fought between Digivolving monsters. BECAUSE I CARE, and I will be really, really excited if they find some way to bring in the Dark Masters. Heck, I'd be happy with another Etemon comeback, too.
Dec. 18th, 2014 05:20 am (UTC)
To be honest, I wonder what they're going to do about the voices for both Taichi and Koushiro in particular, because let's be real here -- How long can we all continue to pretend that they are magically spared from puberty? _Especially_ Koushiro. It was already a stretch in 02, but I'm not sure I'll be able to overlook it if he still sounds like a little girl in high school. (Now, Mona Marshall I'd be just fine with -- I don't even want to begin to hope that we'll get the dub cast back, but deep down I reeeeeallllly want that to happen. T__T)

Again, I have to have faith that they know what they are doing in taking on this project. I definitely expect battles between good and evil -- BUT, I could do without quite so many recycled transformation sequences. XD; (Unless they look off-the-charts awesome, which is...ENTIRELY possible -- ohmygosh, I hadn't thought of this yet *squeals* ^.^)

I do wonder what sort of threat there might be, to drive the plot. I actually kind of hope it's NOT the Dark Masters (and especially not Myotismon...=_=). Aside from the fact that they were too campy (or maybe that was just the dub -- and I suppose that could be easily fixed with newer, better writing anyhow)...I dunno, in my opinion, it would be kind of frustrating to see that crowning triumph of the entire season negated. Or something. I don't know. Personally, I hope it's something more along the lines of Our War Game. I'd like to see something new entirely, *especially* if it leans more toward sci-fi...i.e., commenting somehow on technology's role in the real world...Oh gosh, there's so much potential for sophisticated storytelling here...!! Stop me now, before I get my hopes up too much!

(I would be kind of psyched to see an Etemon cameo, though. Yes please!! XD)
Dec. 18th, 2014 07:05 am (UTC)
Mostly I can't picture Taichi and Koushiro with different voices, but *sigh* I guess if we have to be realistic, having them back would be kind of weird (then again, I think Goku was voiced by a woman through the entire run of Dragonball and Dragonball Z, well after he got married and had a child... just quoting precedent here :3) HNNNNGH DUB CAST. I don't dare to get my hopes up either!!

I'm completely sick of various incarnations of Myotismon, so I'm gonna hope it's a something new causing trouble as well (or Etemon XD) And commentary, sophisticated storytelling... aargh, there's so much potential here! (Don't mess it up, Toei!)
Dec. 20th, 2014 02:01 pm (UTC)
Late follow up, but yes! Putting it that way I absolutely agree, although I didn't mind any campyness, they're the ultimate villains of my heart! However, I can't say I'd want to see the Dark Masters pull a Myotismon. Because... please... no more Myotismon. Nooooo. But if anything, I want at least cameo references to how big and dark and evil they were, because they were supposed to be the ultimate big, bad evil wreaking havoc of the Digi-World years before the kids grew up enough to get there and fight them (and Myotismon was just that megalomaniac who pops up every hundred digimon or so). Apocalymon was one thing, but I don't want to see them get tossed aside like, "nevermind! Everything you guys went through six-or-seven years ago doesn't matter, because there was THIS big bad Digimon behind it all along!"

I can't remember whose entry I brought it on before, but when it comes to sophistated story telling potential, the first thing that came to find was the potential issues surrounding the rising popularity of the Digi-world and how it is threatened by Digi-tourists or exploitionists. That, and the weirdness of everyone having Digimon partners now (which I can still happily do without). Even if they wrote themselves into some corners, I would still hate to see them flat out ignore things like Gennai & Co., the Dark Ocean + the fact that they locked away a digimon evil enough to be called Demon in a place essentially filled with the power of darkness, and the Mythical Original Digi-Destined---you know, like they promptly did right after mysteriously mentioning them at the end of the first season. I know some of this was inevitable with the way they switched between writers (especially in 02--oh 02, you lovable nutcase of a series), but I think bringing those loose ends together in a sophisticated way, which is entirely possible, would be far more interesting than simply ignoring them.

Etemon, however, is a megalomaniac who I am totally okay with seeing again!
Dec. 23rd, 2014 07:15 am (UTC)
Agreed -- PLEASE no more layers of puppetry (er, no pun intended there, Puppetmon...) >_< That's why I'm personally hoping that it's something new entirely. I dunno, the way I see it, evil has multiple sources...and even if it had just one source, none of the villains from the first season were ACTUALLY evil enough to live up to that honor. None of them ACTUALLY sent any chills down my spine (except for maybe Devimon, one of the earliest and weakest adversaries...go figure).

I'm reeeeeally kind of hoping that they find some way to retcon the "Everyone Has A Digimon" nonsense -- But if they don't, they'd damn well better handle the scenario EXTREMELY WELL. And realistically, as you've said. Humans will be humans, and Digimon has already demonstrated that it's willing to tackle themes of human foibles. Overall, I'm torn on whether they should embrace all of 02's idiosyncrasies and gracefully attempt to redeem them, or whether they should seriously just chuck all the nonsense out the window. :| Sometimes I get rather angry at the laziness that went into 02, and if this is a chance to steer the course correctly and treat this story with the sophistication it deserves...Well, I'd be okay with that. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the 02 cast should be retconned -- They're all right. :P But as for those plot points that were clearly half-assed -- Dark Ocean, I'm looking at you -- I'd be totally okay if they were never mentioned again. Poor new writers -- I think it would be terrible if they're burdened by the constraints of those half-thoughts that were lazily thrown out there 14 years ago. >_<
Dec. 18th, 2014 06:38 am (UTC)
I think I've looked at this poster so many times in the past 48 hours it has now burned itself onto the back of my eyelids (not that I'm complaining XD) I reeeeally like Taichi's hair (big surprise) and his sweater... sweater-vest? Man, those are just the best uniforms, I swear <3

Oh, I hope hope HOPE we get new character songs!! And as many original voice actors as possible (including Taichi's and Koushiro's-- 16/17yo boys played by women? IT'S ALL GOOD). Oooh, what will the new theme song be like? Has the Adventure Bluray dropped yet? Has there been any more news on the audio drama? NEWS!! QUESTIONS!! EXCITEMENT!!!

Plotwise I do hope we still get a good dose of adventure, and not just high school drama. I still need to take a proper look at the staff list, but this cinches it, no more procrastinating-- I need to get off my lazy butt and watch Oreimo, NOW. Well, not now, sadly. But tomorrow night at the gym? Episode 1, I'M DOIN' IT. YEAH!!

You want to know something crazy? I was 17 in 1999. I fell in love with this show as a senior in high school! I probably would have loved it at age 12 too (my sister certainly did). It does go to show there's no age limit when something really speaks to you (and when it keeps speaking to you years and years later!) but I'm excited to be in the target age group at last. VINDICATION! >DDD
Dec. 23rd, 2014 07:32 am (UTC)
My ultimate vote WOULD be to see as much of the original cast reprised as possible. But assuming that's not possible, I'd really prefer that they cast male VAs and write it off as puberty instead of casting different female VAs. (OR, the writers could decide that Koushiro was secretly a female all along, or make him trans or something, and THEN they could actually pair him with all the other boys and that would be okay, right?? Ugh, my fangirl brain works in some strange ways late at night. -_- For the record, I do not actually stand behind any of that. Except maybe the pairing part. Whoops. :x )

And definitely -- If we get all talk and no action, I'm going to be a sad puppy. I'm hoping for an _appropriate_ amount of character drama (family- & friend-related as well as possibly romantic), but also looking forward to some high-budget action sequences. THE ANIMATION IS GOING TO LOOK AMAZING I JUST KNOW IT o___o

I hope you've shared some laughs with Kirino & company already, maybe? :D
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