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Okay, been working on this for a little while and now I think it's time to release it into the wild. :'3

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1.     Noticed [Mutemath]
2.     He Blinded Me With Science [Melissa Lefton]
3.     Look to the East [Telekinesis!]
4.     One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21 [The Flaming Lips]
5.     Figures A and B (Means You and Me) [Hellogoodbye]
6.     Never Close Our Eyes [Adam Lambert]
7.     Nervously [Pet Shop Boys]
8.     Forever Unstoppable [Hot Chelle Rae]
9.     Must Have Done Something Right [Relient K]
10.   React [Artist Vs Poet]


Careful when you open
It's easy to be broken
In the strangest fashion
You start a chain reaction
When you look my way
Something's pounding away
And I wonder if I ever felt this before

I can't believe I never noticed my heart before
At least it was never until I noticed

And your ways
Capture what I've misplaced
In the perfect fashion
Just watch my heart's reaction
This point of view
Is nothing that I'm used to
But I won't close my eyes
'Cause they're onto you

He Blinded Me With Science
It’s poetry in motion
He turned his tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
But he blinded me with science
He blinded me with science!

When I’m dancing close to him
Blinded me with science (Science, uh huh, science)
I can smell the chemicals

I can hear machinery
But he blinded me with science
He blinded me with science
And hit me with technology

Look to the East
Young scholar, young lovers
Look to the east and what will I discover?
Look to the west, I could not love another

Walk in circles, get dizzy
Fall onto the asphalt of the city
Waking up and everything is pretty

And on the way home, did you hear me?
I was thinking so hard, thought I was crazy
I noticed people looking at me funny

And in the dark I cannot see
Everything that’s in front of me and
All I know is what I don’t know
And I don’t want to let you go, oh no

See the ocean, see the mountains
We travel far and wide in search of something
But in some cases, something equals nothing
Don’t get discouraged, don’t give up
I know we’ll make it through the really hard part
What keeps me sane is the thought of our love

One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
Feeling a synthetic kind of love
Dreaming a sympathetic wish
As the lights blink faster and brighter
One more robot learns to feel
Something more than a machine
When it tries the way it does
Makes it seem like it can love

'Cause it's hard to say what's real
When you know the way you feel
Is it wrong to think it's love
When it tries the way it does?

Figures A and B (Means You and Me)
Present for a presentation presented presently
There's no I in team, no me in us, no you in we
I'll write down letters inside letters, I can't let her [BONNIE OF COURSE] see
I’ll pass 'em forward with a foreword, but they won't mean a thing

Treasure torn-out paper from the corner of a page
Measure worn-out epigrams for signs of change with age
Figure out that figuratives mark figures A and B
Images I imagine with pretty imagery (means you and me)

(You and me) We could be made for this
(Just wait and see) Well, we might be made for this
(You and me) We could be made for this
Wait and see, oh just wait and see

It's so far away, but I've planned a date
And that's at least a start to get inside your heart
It might be you and me, oh we could be a team
It might be you and me, just wait and see

Never Close Our Eyes
I don't wanna let a minute get away
‘Cause we got no time to lose
None of us are promised to see tomorrow
And what we do is ours to choose

Forget about the sunrise
Fight the sleep in your eyes
I don't wanna miss a second with you
Let's stay this way forever
It's only getting better if we want it to

--It's so hard to think this could fade away
But what goes up must come down
--Why can't we just live life with no consequence
And always live in the now?

You know that I wish that this night would never be over
There's plenty of time to sleep when we die
So let's just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we'd never close our eyes, never!

A nervous boy in several ways
I never knew the world could operate this way
I was nervous when we stopped to speak
And the world came crashing ‘round my feet

A nervous boy, in spite of which
I never thought I could tremble as much as this
Your flashing eyes and sudden smiles
Are never quite at ease and neither am I

Right from the start I approved of you
Right from the moment you turned to face me

A nervous boy from another town
With a nervous laugh and a concentrated frown
I spoke too fast with watchful eyes
Of a recent past and some nostalgic surprise

We don't talk of love
We're much too shy
But nervously we wonder when and
Smile, knowing why I approved of you

Forever Unstoppable
Falling stars don't crash through your window
If you want it, go get it, it's meant to be chased
All your scars won't heal ‘til you let go
You're perfectly worth it, forget your mistakes

If you're torn apart, I'll make you see
That nothing's impossible

There's a feeling inside you
Just dying to break through
Open up and set it free
We're on a horizon
Just look in my eyes and you will see

When you're broken and you're shattered
Love will save you from disaster
You can take my heart, if yours won't beat
We're forever, forever, forever unstoppable

Must Have Done Something Right
I’m racking my brain for a new, improved way
To let you know you're more to me than what I know how to say

If anyone could make me a better person, you could
All I’ve gotta say is I must have done something good
You came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I’ve gotta say is I must have done something right
I must have done something right

And maybe I'm just lucky 'cause it's hard to believe
Believe that somebody like you'd end up with someone like me
And I know that it's so cliché to talk about you this way
But I'll push all my inhibitions aside
It's so very obvious to everyone watching us
That we’ve got something real good going on!

I'm alive for the very first time
I feel your voice in my ear and your heart on my mind
Those sunset eyes are some kind of sign

I've been around the world enough to see
Our combination's only meant to be
You are the element my body needs
And we are gonna react

You are the fire that can fight the cold
I'll breathe you in and never feel alone
We are the chemicals that found our home
And we are gonna react



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Sep. 3rd, 2014 12:38 am (UTC)
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