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Ketsui braindump

In case anyone cares, here are the thoughts I scribbled down furiously after each of the 4 parts of Digimon Adventure Tri: Ketsui!

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Thank you Crunchyroll Thank you thank you thank you thank you; please take all my money, you deserve it!!! *___*
*Ahem* So after preparing myself (Subscribing to Crunchyroll, setting it up on my TV, listening to old Digimon music, waiting until I was home alone so I could do all the squealing and pausing I needed to do) I WATCHED DIGIMON ADVENTURE TRI ~SAIKAI~ TODAY!!!
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I'll be keeping this Crunchyroll subscription warm for quite some time, it looks like.  Good move, Crunchyroll.  You've got me. <3  This was still so unexpected and crazy and -- adfkjadslgjadhkdfjlhfa;dsjlka best weekend in a long, long time!!!!! ^_______^


Ponies Ponies Ponies

I just need a second to rant.  Don't mind me.

This weekend is Bronycon in Baltimore.  I was just there (and had an awesome time at Otakon!  Thanks for everything, citrus_cactus!! ^.^) and even though I've already had tons of fun, I'm super sad to miss out on, like, the hugest of huge MLP fan events. ><

To top it off, I just idly looked up the My Little Pony Fair, an official (Hasbro-sponsored) event that changes locations each year, and IT WAS IN MY CITY IN JUNE AND I MISSED OUT. How come I had no idea? (*゚ロ゚) I faaaaail as a fan, I guess.  (Plus, it was NOT advertised.  Anywhere.  At all.)  I actually had a fleeting moment of excitement when I saw "Chicago, IL," but then I saw the date in the corner and realized it had already happened. (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅)

Well, at least I had a nice time watching My Little Pony Tales this morning.  This is the one I actually remember most from my childhood.  It's not good, really, but it's not half bad either!  It's definitely...of its era.  The designs are so pretty and sparkly sometimes, though - I can't help but feel girlish glee while watching it. :D :D

Yes, those sparkles were superimposed on this character the whole time she was wearing her stage outfit.  LOVE IT.


Well, Bronies tend to viciously kick the $#^! out of the older gen series, especially this one, so maybe it's best that I'm not in their company at the moment.  I'd have to stomp their fat heads in, in defense of all ponies, anyway. (∗ᵕ̴᷄◡ᵕ̴᷅∗)՞


I'm just gonna put this here so I can spam any remaining Loveless communities with it.  I still love these girls to bits, and I totally diieeed when they actually returned in volume 12!!  I'm glad they're doing well (enough) these days (which was absolutely the inspiration for adding track 8 here). ^u^  Enjoy!

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So, as detailed by citrus_cactus, last weekend was one hella fun FANDOM MARATHON WEEKEND.  I've been going to Anime Central nearly every year since...2005?  But this was the best Acen I've had in years!!! ^__^  I'm so glad you came out here for it!!  I had soooo much fun!!!

Naturally, I have to show off the highlights as well (even though I'm a little late -- It's been a busy week >_<)!

Shameless Selfie
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My favorite other costumes
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Stuff I got
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Argh, this is getting to be quite the post!  I think I'll follow up later with the notes I took on Meyers-Briggs scores vis-a-vis Pokemon Types ("Reasonably intelligent panel topics" scored a big win this year, indeed!)

This weekend is unfortunately Packing Weekend (since I'm moving to a different part of the city...again), but there shall be more Convention Weekends in the future!

Decade of Awesome

I may be the only one who cares about half of this stuff, but I feel the need to start keeping a list, because the 20teens is shaping up to be the BEST EVER for awesome comebacks.  Let's see...I'll start with "kind of awesome" and work my way up.

  • They're bringing back the good storyline/characters (meaning Han Solo, hellooooo) from Star Wars

  • JEM and the Holograms - The original was kinda bad, and I guess they're making a movie, but I'm most excited about the comic because I dig the style so much!

  • They're bringing back the Powerpuff Girls!

  • They brought back Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and it wasn't too shabby at ALL!

  • They're making a new Peanuts movie (with original material, not just a reworking of all of Schulz's lines like almost every animated iteration ever.  GASP)

  • A new Lion King sequel, of sorts.  Now with 100% more lions.  (Did not care much for 1.5 D: )  Okay, so it's made for a very young audience, but I'm crossing my fingers that there will be some awesome things about it.  Simba and Nala have more dumb male offspring, but at least Kiara isn't retconned. :D

  • They brought back My Little Pony (as well as the Littlest Pet Shop brand) and made it pretty darn awesome

  • Pokemon is awesome again!  It might as well be a reboot. :D

  • THE X-FILES, WHAT, OMFG -- I am Netflix Binge Watcher (as well as faithful reader of the recent comic book reboot), and you're very, very, very, very welcome!!!!  (Come into my hoommmee, David & Gillian...Okay, sorry, that's creepy.)

  • DIGIMON (needs no explanation.  Certainly the most unexpected of all!!!!)

It's an amazing time to be a fan. I wonder if I'm missing something??  I know some of y'all are Sailor Moon fans, but I never really watched that back in the day (or now), so I can't comment.

But the number of reboots these days in general seems kind of astounding.  Who are all these "They"s, and I wonder how much of their decision-making is being driven by newer ways of collecting and analyzing data?  (The capability is ubiquitious, so there's no excuse not to take advantage of it.  I certainly hope data is driving a lot of it.  ...Says the Data Analyst, self-aware consumer of media and willing taker of surveys. XD)  The cynic would probably complain that new creativity is being stifled.  Even if it were, I honestly couldn't care less when there's a gleaming list like the aboved dangled in front of me (X3)...But in fact, I think we're actually getting more of EVERYTHING, with the bar to entry being lowered; e.g., YouTube.  I am A-OK with More Content.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to tear myself away from the screen and go make dinner. ^_^;


(Don't) Wake Me Up If I'm Dreaming


No matter how much evidence is thrown in my face, a part of me STILL CAN'T BELIEVE this is actually happening.  How much more proof do I need?  Is this poster enough??  I don't know?!?

I do know that I'm in love with it, though.  I really, really, really like the designs.  I mean, they somehow MANAGED to find a compromise for Taichi's hair -- It looks like it could exist in real life, but it STILL LOOKS LIKE TAICHI'S HAIR.  Why does Mimi have the same school uniform as the others?  Did she move back to Japan?  Why on earth do they all apparently ATTEND the same high school? :|  Will the next poster feature a tonado of Digimon falling through the atmosphere?  (Maybe that's what Hikari is looking at?? XD)  Why did they have to make me fall BACK in love with Taichi (IF ONLY 12-YEAR-OLD ME COULD HAVE KNOWN)??  Will there be new Character Songs??  What will the theme song be like??  SO MANY QUESTIONS.  I think this means my subconscious is finally buying into it.  IT'S REAL.  IT'S HAPPENING.  AND IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL, HOLY CRAP.

Oh, but there ARE a few answers, concerning the staff: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/12/14/character-images-of-new-digimon-adventure-series-released-expected-to-air-in-spring-2015/

I'm not familiar with these names, but I'm pleased that the character designer is the same as for Oreimo, which is similarly quite pleasing to look at -- No wonder! ^__^

One other thing I have to comment on: I think we can all safely assume that we (adults) are in the target age group this time around.  Anyone who watched the original back in its day would have to be (*counts*) OLD by now. ;) ;)  And they're aiming this at us!!!  How will this be different, I wonder?  Good?  Bad?  (I'm not really worried.  Right now, I'm optimistic that they are going to treat these characters with appropriate reverence.)

Okay, so TECHNICALLY, I was still in the appropriate age bracket -- at the very upper end -- in 1999, but I continued to spend years and years living in this world...welllllll beyond that.  I just KNEW there was something special about these characters that I couldn't let go of.  They spoke to me at age 12...14...17, 20, 25...and beyond...and sometimes I began to wonder about myself.  Do I feel some amount of vindication today?  Mmmmayyyybeeeee. ;D


Apparently, This Exists

Source(s): http://pokemon-global-academy.tumblr.com/post/87248880114/xy-pokemon-xy-the-space-debris

I don't even know what to think anymore, except:
-CAN WE GET THIS DUBBED PLEASE and shown in planetariums around the world?
-Smash all the things, Bonnie!!
-I would probably make this my desktop wallpaper if it were a little bigger


Okay, been working on this for a little while and now I think it's time to release it into the wild. :'3

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